Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The returning war - Day 0

Day 0

For a few days I heard some rumors that there will be a war. Today when a woke up I check my email and saw the following message form Concrod: ‘’ has declared war on . Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.’’ Directly I went to my chat channel and asked some information and yes there will be a war within 24 hours.

I got in my mammoth after blaming Scotty and loaded it with some of my ships. Than I flow to different solar systems surrounding our home base. I dropped the ships with there fittings and in every station I dropped enough ammo for all the ships that where stocked there. After that I came back to our home base and assembled a few fittings for my cruisers and than I also flow the cruisers to the desired solar system to a random station. (Because my mammoth can’t fit 2 or more cruisers)

When I was done placing my ships I was check my mail for some info about the war targets. I check a few website about them and than I thought about our first war, it was also again them. But it was a lot harder because we also got there alliance on our teeth. The rest of the day didn’t do much just flying around and talking to people than I went to bed and thought about tomorrow.


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