Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here is my entry for the contest ''which game mechanic would you most like to see removed completely from EVE and why?''


‘’Autopilot deactivated’’ I wake up and see that I’m in zero sec, no concord, no justice, no friendly’s. I select a asteroid belt and press the ‘’warp’’ button, I see my ship aligning and after a while it starts to warp. I see all kinds of planets and stars it looks like Christmas lights but this are fast movie Christmas lights. When I’m out of warp I look around to see if I can find any rats, sadly I can’t find anything so I select another asteroid belt and press the warping button again.

While I’m in warp I can see that more pilots are entering the system, I open my search tab and check the background of the pilots to see if there are any pirates around. While I’m searching I got a messaging popping-up: ‘’Scaim is inviting you for a fleet invite’’, yes I think my allies are here so I press ‘’yes’’ and keep continuing searching for the other pilots.

Than I see it, my worst fear ever: a whole corporation is hunting me. Fast I warp to a station but 3 enemy pilots are camping the station luckily I warped at 0km so I can dock ‘’Yes!’’ I thing by myself. But than it happens: I’m looking at my screen and I think ‘’this can’t be happening!’’ I try it again but it doesn’t help. ‘’Now what I think? I’m stuck outside the station with 3 enemy pilots!’’ I scatter all my courage and try it again…

I think this happened to all pilots ones. If it’s a station a gate, when you are trying to enter your ship or something else everything has the same problem: Scotty! He is the most annoying thing/human/robot in the whole eve universe! I know that without him Jita and Rens will be a mess but can’t it be a bit different or only use Scotty in a few systems? Because who needs a irritating bastard in 0.0/low sec that only helps you to die?

My first point of why Scotty should be completely removed is because he is really and I mean really annoying, it’s just like a little kid that smashes your stuff until it breaks. If you never ever encountered this problem let me give you and example:

You just brought yourself a pc, not a regular one but one that you build on your own. You worked really hard to understand tutorials so you can build the computer and you saved money for years to buy it, when its finally done some annoying kid comes by and smashes your pc to bits. Now you are really, really angry so what do you do? You shout at the kid or perhaps kick him but no! You can’t do it because he runs away to his home so you can never punish him or ask him why he did it! And this is not everything a few months later you got yourself a new pc and it happens again. Some kid comes it smashes your pc kid runs away you can’t do anything about it. It’s even the same kid! And now think that this happens every single month and you can’t do anything about it…

Yes people that’s how it feels! You are mining for 3 months to get your Battleship and some kind of thing (Yes I consider Scotty as a ‘’thing’’) won’t let you dock/jump so your ship gets destroyed! Than you are really furious, you want to kick Scotty trough the airlock or just jetcan him so he will die in an hour but no, you can’t.

I don’t know why in the name of god you can’t jetcan/kill/punish Scotty. Scotty is a real criminal he has tons and tons of murders on his name and even more vandalism. Also I think even the npc’s don’t know how to get to Scotty because if the knew the concord will have Scotty arrested a long time ago. So maybe even the concord and the other characters also have trouble with Scotty? If a concord wants to jump to arrest someone they get the same message if they just joined a fleet? So the concord are also like damn you Scotty!

So I think we all can now agree that Scotty is bad, really bad. He just irritates people and he also is a criminal. But before we all jetcan Scotty we will have to find a solution for Jita…. I know what you are thinking. ‘’O crap o crap! Obelisk is bumping my rifter!’’ ‘’I’m stuck in a Obelisk help me!!!’’ Yeah we have to find a solution to that maybe a female thing, just in Rens and Jita that’s not so annoying as Scotty and people will be nicer to her. (Maybe we can call her…. Zoey?)
So this story is coming to an ending. Maybe somewhere in the future this will actually happen if not we just have to live with the thing that punish us all.

-Mercspector (Chritiaan C)


  1. LOL!!!

    I am right there with you mate, however, I am sure he will tell you, he gets a lot of verbal abuse from me!!!

  2. ha :) very good...agreed!

  3. I suggest a compromise: let's remove Scotty, but leave the donuts alone.