Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The returning war - Day 1

Day 1

Today it was the big day we finally we got a war! Personally I love wars, the adrenaline, the precision, the tactics and especially the smell of burning ships.

Because it was the first day I thought to take is cheap and see what the enemy will be doing. I got in my Rifter a few miniguns and tackling equipment will do the job. The war started late, we got the rights to shoot at 22:50, a few minutes before time we gathered at a spot and waited for everyone to come. Than we got the last minute intel. and we where search the system. Meanwhile in local the CEO of the enemy corporation was smack talking about how good he is and that we are bad. But he didn’t want to fight us and stayed at his save spot. After camping a station for 45 minutes we decided to go and look in a other system. Also in the other system there was nothing. We regrouped and waited for orders. Eventually we decided to head to there HQ and search there, there HQ is in low sec but we took the risk. But than when we where heading to there HQ we found a war target.

It was a drake he just jumped trough the gate and we where sitting on the other side waiting to jump but then we saw him we didn’t jumped but attacked him. Trough my speakers I can hear the fleet commander say: ‘’Point I want a Point!!!’’ So I turned my afterburner on a flow at full to the drake. When I got there I switched on my tackling equipment and a few seconds later he couldn’t go any where, also a few of my fleet members also tackled him. With all our guns we shot on him and in less than half a minute we where trough his tank. The armor and structure where going even faster before I knew it his ship was gone. Than I saw it: his pod… Immediately everyone locked his pod and started shooting it almost looked like instant pop. When I got back to my sense I check my mail and yes there it was, my first kill mail of a pod!

Trough my speakers I heard everyone saying ‘’good job’’, ‘’that’s how we do it!’’ After the short celebration we waited for orders. The fleet command decided to got back. When we where heading back a few jumps before our HQ we heard one of our fleet members say that he found on in our home system. On our own we warped as fast as we could to the location when I got there my wish got fulfilled.

It was Minmatar Battleship Tempest model. It was there all alone hanging in front of a station, all alone. Because he was shooting on of our fleet members he couldn’t dock and I think we scared him a little when he saw our fleet warping in. Again we used all our guns and drones this time it was a little harder than the drake, but we got him down again when his tank was down it almost looked like instant pop. We tried to lock his pod but it was to fast, again we celebrated out kill. It was getting late so I decided to dock and get some sleep.
It was a great day just one of us got killed and we killed even more enemy’s also we destroy way more isk than they did.


PS Don’t forget to check out the video of day one! It will be uploaded around 18:30 (GMT +1 ) On my Youtube channel (chrismon0)

The returning war - Day 0

Day 0

For a few days I heard some rumors that there will be a war. Today when a woke up I check my email and saw the following message form Concrod: ‘’ has declared war on . Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.’’ Directly I went to my chat channel and asked some information and yes there will be a war within 24 hours.

I got in my mammoth after blaming Scotty and loaded it with some of my ships. Than I flow to different solar systems surrounding our home base. I dropped the ships with there fittings and in every station I dropped enough ammo for all the ships that where stocked there. After that I came back to our home base and assembled a few fittings for my cruisers and than I also flow the cruisers to the desired solar system to a random station. (Because my mammoth can’t fit 2 or more cruisers)

When I was done placing my ships I was check my mail for some info about the war targets. I check a few website about them and than I thought about our first war, it was also again them. But it was a lot harder because we also got there alliance on our teeth. The rest of the day didn’t do much just flying around and talking to people than I went to bed and thought about tomorrow.